A cheeky koala and champagne in a canoe

Breakfast at the Wildlife Park is open at 7 a.m. and you can either dine with the koalas or just get a photo with them. Once you buy a park ticket you can re-enter as many times as you want throughout your vacation, so don’t leave this experience to the last day.

ko1How I look every morning- a cross between irritated and bemused. koalanadiGetting acquainted with one another koalanadi2As you can see I am being cheekily groped by a koala. I did say Australians were friendly. koalanadi3

Now there’s a first, Koala yoga. Did you know koalas spend almost the entire day asleep so it’s truly special seeing one with their eyes open. whitedressYou’ve seen this outfit before but for the new readers it’s by Australian designer Love and Lemons. This open gazebo was being transformed for a wedding later that day and judging by the sunset below they must have had one spectacular view of the island. canoeandchampersAfter three days of watching canoes pass our apartment at sunset  we decided to enquire at the tourism office about doing it ourselves. (As a side note- I seriously cannot believe that I drink champers like this- could I look more ridiculous?!)canoewNow I don’t canoe, nor do I pretend to be particularly sporty, but I do know how to drink champagne. So for the most part I relaxed with my feet up while Mister C canoed us out to sea.


canoeandchampers2I could not think of a more relaxing way to wind down and see the island. The denim top is by Gap and the white hat is by Kookai. canoeSo, could this view be more romantic? Hamilton Island is already beautiful but for five days we were blessed with sunsets like these. As we made our way back to the pier we kept stopping just to soak the moment in and appreciate how lucky we are to have opportunities like these. sunsetJust one more to make your jaw drop.